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Attractions and places in Venice

Visiting Venice is a unique experience. The city of Venice boasts unique attractions and sights, enchanting places that you can only admire while walking along its wonderful lagoon, such as the Grand Canal along with the other canals and the bridges that cross them such as the Ponte di Rialto e il Ponte dei sospiri. The bridges connect Calli, Campi and piazze and among the many stands out St. Mark's Square, where stand the Basilica of San Marco and its bell tower.

In this labyrinth of streets and canals, it will be easy to come across the wonderful palaces of Venice: the Doge's Palace, the Ca' D'Oro, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, the latter home of the famous Peggy Guggenheim museum. Speaking of museums, we should certainly mention the galleries of the academy and the circuit of civic museums, which includes the Correr Museum, the Museum of Natural History, Palazzo Fortuny and the Clock Tower

But along and around the Venice lagoon you can find much more: archaeological sites, natural landscapes, gardens and parks. All you have to do is come to Venice and let yourself be amazed by its attractions.


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