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Libraries in Venice

The libraries in Venice are many and wonderful but above all rich in culture for the tomes that host and not only.

Yes, because the libraries of a place are, often, the home of all the culture of that place. This is why the libraries of the Serenissima are ideal places to visit in order to immerse yourself in the culture of the lagoon city and to immerse yourself in the verses and chapters of the great Venetian poets and writers, such as Pietro Bembo, Carlo Goldoni and Giacomo Casanova.

Among the most famous libraries in Venice is the Biblioteca Marciana, also known as Libreria Sansoviniana, the most important in Venice and among the largest in Italy, but there are many others. Also worth mentioning is the Libreria Acqua Alta, which has become a real attraction of Venice thanks to its peculiarity of being very subject to high water. For this reason many books inside are arranged in columns inside old gondolas or even bathtubs, to be protected from high tide.

What are you waiting for? Run and visit the libraries in Venice.