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Theaters in Venice

Venice is a city with a great theatrical tradition, so there are many theatres in Venice to visit during your stay, starting with the opera houses, which have characterized the history and culture of the city for centuries to the present day. It is no coincidence that Venice was the birthplace and home of some of the greatest musicians in Italy and the world, such as Antonio Vivaldi or Tomaso Albinoni. 

The opera houses in Venice have seen the premieres of famous operas and have seen the performances of the greatest Italian composers, such as Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti. Among the most beautiful and ancient are the Teatro La Fenice and the Teatro Malibran.

The history of Venice is also intertwined with that of the Commedia dell'arte: in Venice was born Carlo Goldoni, one of the fathers of modern comedy, to whom was named the Teatro Vendramin, the oldest in Venice still in operation, also known as Teatro Stabile del Veneto or, precisely, Teatro Carlo Goldoni, which sees every year the staging of many theater performances, especially during the Carnival.

Many other theatres have sprung up in Venice, some in recent years, such as the Teatro Universitario Ca Foscari, or the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove which, as the name suggests, was inaugurated very recently, in 2003.

In short, for theatre lovers Venice offers an embarrassment of choice. The best places to visit are here, among the theatres in Venice.