Recently there has been a lot of talking about an overly crowded Venice, in fact the crowds are mostly in Piazza San Marco, Rialto and the ways to reach these places. Venice is a very small city, but every corner is a unique wonderful place and if you are prepared you can take home an unforgettable experience.
The advice we can give you is to inform you before you arrive, the city offers many beautiful things that in the rush of arriving in Piazza San Marco are sometimes ignored. In addition, those who come to Venice have the opportunity to discover our food and wine culture, the crafts and to visit all the places of the Venetian countryside with its Venetian Villas, the streets of Prosecco and wines, with their cellars or the areas where grow the radicchio of Treviso or asparagus ... in every season there is something to discover that will remain in your heart forever.
This guide is also for this reason to tell you all the discoveries and experiences you can make in this area.

Tips and things to avoid in Venice

  1. Discover the less frequented places, Venice has 6 districts and each has museums, churches, charming characteristic rooms and charming corners.
  2. Explore the islands of the lagoon are small but they are historical villages where it is possible a slow tourism, sustainable, careful where to grasp the nuances of daily life of the residents, then the Venetian mainland with the ancient fortifications, natural areas and cycle paths.
  3. Taste the local products and typical Venetian cuisine.
  4. Visit the artisans' workshops and learn about the ancient trades that still exist today in Venice. Choose only original products and do not buy any goods from illegal vendors.
  5. Book tours with qualified tourist guides able to recount Venice's thousand-year-old history.
  6. Walk on the right, do not stand at any time on bridges, do not even lead bikes by hand. In Venice there are no cars, mopeds, or bicycles. The only means of transport allowed are boats and transport in the city are made with carts.
  7. Venice offers many places where you can eat with a few euros, there are sandwiches, cicchetti in addition to restaurants and restaurants where you can taste the dishes of our food and wine culture. If you prefer take away, however, remember that steps of churches, bridges, wells, monuments and banks of streams, canals etc. are not picnic areas. Please use the public gardens for this necessity. Consult the map.
  8. St. Mark's Square is a monumental site and excluding pertinent bars and restaurants, it is forbidden to stand at any time in order to consume food or drink.
  9. It is forbidden to camp, walk about in swimwear, dive and swim. Venice is a city of art. If you want to go to the beach, Lido of Venice is only a 20 minutes boat from Saint Mark Square.
  10. Do not litter, do not vandalize with graffiti, or padlocks. Do not give food to the pigeons.
  11. Please get informed about the garbage recycling collection if you are staying in an apartment or flat,.
  12. Plan your trip and choose to visit Venice when it is less crowded. Consult the Tourist Report.