Venice is a city with a centuries-old history: the noble greatness of the Serenissima has continued over the years and still lives on in the festivals and traditions of Venice.

Ancient dances, masquerade parades and epic naval competitions: these are just some of the wonderful shows that you can watch in Venice and that will make you relive its glorious past.
Venice is the stage for events of such importance that you might consider booking a trip to take part in them. If you already have a date in mind for your trip, it will be very useful to know what events are planned for when you are there.

That's why we have created for you a list of the main events and traditional festivals in Venice divided month by month.

Events of January in Venice

Brusa la Vecia or Piroea paroea
Brusa la Vecia or Piroea Paroea (but also Panevin) are the names of the celebrations on the eve of the Epiphany, which consist of lighting bonfires in many Venetian centers, as well as in the lagoon, as a sign of good luck. The bonfire, in fact, is read by a "vate" (a bard) who will give a prediction based on the direction of the sparks emanating from the hearth.

Events of February in Venice

Venice Carnival
The Venice Carnival is one of the most famous in the world. Its origins date back to almost 1000 years ago and over the years has assumed aspects and connotations always different. Today the festival is closely linked to the production of Venetian masks, typical handicraft production of the city on the lagoon, and to parties and masked balls that see guests from around the world immerse themselves in an ancient atmosphere and but with an immortal charm.

Events of March in Venice

Events of April in Venice

Su e zo per i ponti
Su e zo per i ponti (On and off the bridges) is held every spring and consists of a walk to Solidarity. Young people, families, tourists and Venetians go around the alleys and bridges of the Lagoon united by the value of aggregation and solidarity.

Feast of San Marco
The Feast of St. Mark in Venice is one of the most important events in the city: it is an ancient tradition linked to the historical transport of the remains of St. Mark, patron saint of the city, to the Serenissima. Today the festival is a jubilation of events, parades, concerts and even prizes awarded to those who value the values and traditions of Venice in Italy and around the world.

Feast of Bocolo
This is a tradition linked to the feast of St. Mark: the Feast of Bocolo consists of the custom of giving a rosebud to your loved one on St. Mark's Day.

Events of May in Venice

The Vogalonga is a regatta held every year in May in Venice. It is a competition between rowing boats that involves crews of fans of Venetian rowing from all over the coast of Veneto and beyond, becoming over the years a real international event for fans of this discipline, who can row up and down the canals of Venice and their wonders.

Feast of the Sensa (Ascension)
Born from the celebrations for the Ascension of Christ, the Feast of the Sensa in Venice is one of the events that every year allow tourists and visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Serenissima. The festival is marked, every year, by several competitions of Venetian rowing and is accompanied by the twinning with other seaside towns, the so-called Adriatic Twinning.

Violet artichoke festival
The festival of the violet artichoke in Venice is an event that, as the name suggests, has the violet artichoke as its protagonist, with all the products, recipes and customs related to this product.

Events of June in Venice

Feast of Christ the King
The feast of Christ the King is celebrated every year at the end of May or beginning of June and coincides with the traditional patronal feast, which is held at the church of Christ the King, in the square in front of it, accompanied by other events such as the solidarity market and then concerts, dances, an exhibition and the inevitable preparation of traditional dishes.

Feast of St. Anthony
The feast of St. Anthony consists of a week full of events that culminates with the most important: the commemoration of the death of the saint.

Feast of St. John in Bragora
The feast of St. John in Bragora is an event that offers for several days, starting at 17:00, entertainment shows among the most varied: games and puppet shows for children, comedy shows, concerts of classical music with local orchestras, literary meetings, Greek and Bengali dances, all to commemorate the summer solstice and, above all, St. John the Baptist, with a mass held in the Church of Bragora on the morning of June 24. 

Feast of San Pietro de Castéo
The feast of St. Peter de Castéo in Venice was born as a celebration of Saints Peter and Paul. Today it is one of the most representative festivals of Venetian culture and, in addition to the main festival, provides a lot of events such as shows, exhibitions, dances and, of course, a festival where there is space for traditional Venetian cuisine.

Feast of San Pietro in Volta
The Feast of St. Peter in Vault in Pellestrina is held every year in June in the town of Pellestrina and provides events and shows of various kinds including theater performances, film screenings, an exhibition and even a cross-country race.

Events of July in Venice

Feast of the Madonna di Marina
The feast of the Madonna di Marina dates back to the discovery, in Malamocco, Venice, of a piece of wood on which the figure of the Madonna has been shown. Today, the celebration is accompanied by a series of events such as concerts, children's shows, dances and a cross-country race.

Feast of St. Anthony
The Festival of St. Anthony in Venice consists of a series of events that revolve around the commemoration of the death of the saint, involving citizens and traders in charitable actions to the most needy.

Feast of San Giacomo dall'Orio
The Feast of St. James of the Orio in Venice consists of a series of events that revolve around the commemoration of the saint, ranging from concerts to tango evenings to shows for children.

Feast of Our Lady of the Apparition
The Feast of Our Lady of the Apparition in Venice consists of a series of events ranging from music, cooking typical dishes, dancing, sports tournaments, the Regattas of Pellestrina, the final show of fireworks.

Feast of the Redeemer
The Feast of the Redeemer is one of the most popular festivals in Venice, because it mixes religious feeling with charm for the wonderful fireworks that attract visitors from Venice and the rest of the world.
del mondo.

Events of August in Venice

Festival of Santo Stefano di Portosecco di Pellestrina
The Festival of Santo Stefano di Portosecco in Pellestrina is one of the most famous and beautiful festivals in the province of Venice. Celebrated in the week of August, it includes various events and shows involving children and adults, such as sports competitions between regattas and basketball tournaments, dancing and musical evenings, shows for children. The last day of the festival ends with the extraction of the lottery linked to the festival and a colorful fireworks display.

Feast of the Assumption in Torcello
On August 15 Torcello celebrates the Feast of the Assumption. With religious celebrations in the Church and in the Basilica of the island, cultural and literary meetings and a suggestive concert of sacred music, we pay homage to the Virgin Mary.

Feasts of the Assumption and St. Roch
The Feast of St. Roch is celebrated on August 16, and is very much felt by the Venetians, for the special protection that the saint had shown to the sick during the plague. The celebration includes the Holy Mass in the church of the same name with the subsequent award of the San Rocco Prize to personalities who have distinguished themselves in humanitarian works. The day ends with a concert of classical music in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, which for that day will be open to the public free of charge, with a symbolic contribution of solidarity of 1 €.

International Film Festival - La Biennale di Venezia
The Venice International Film Festival takes place every year at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido. From the end of August, for two weeks, films and documentaries will be shown that open the film season, giving clear indications on which films will come straight to the night of the Oscars.

Events of September in Venice

Feast of the Peocio degli Alberoni
Every August in Alberoni we celebrate the Feast of the Peocio. From Thursday to Sunday the calendar includes all kinds of events, such as evenings dedicated to music and dance, shows for children, a cross-country race, a regatta and a football tournament. In the gardens of the village are arranged the rides, a market and a space where you can enjoy the culinary specialties prepared with the peoci. The three days end with a pleasant concert.

Historical Regatta
The Historical Regatta is an ancient event that every year, on the first Sunday of September, brings to the Grand Canal the historic boats of Venice's glorious past, amidst passionate competitions and historical re-enactments. It begins with the historical court, a re-enactment of the triumphant welcome reserved for Caterina Corner in 1489, and ends with the race that sees the best of Venetian rowing engaged.

Events of October in Venice

Feast of the Wort of Saint Erasmus
On the first Sunday of October, the island of Sant'Erasmo celebrates the Feast of Must, the remaining product from the pressing of September grapes. A day full of events, which begins with the mass and the blessing of the agricultural wagons dressed in festive clothes, and ends with the regattas and a musical show. For the occasion the streets are populated by markets, shows and street artists and demonstrations on the pressing of grapes. It is possible to buy the typical products of the island, such as the famous violet artichoke of Sant'Erasmo.

The Venicemarathon is the special running race that takes place in the city every year on the last Sunday of October. The marathon starts from Stra to reach Venice, for a total of about 42 km, along bridges, foundations and squares.

November Events in Venice

The feast of St. Martin
On November 11th Venice celebrates the Feast of St. Martin, an ancient and joyful tradition very much felt by the children of the city. In fact, during the day the little Venetians, with their heads decorated with cardboard crowns, parade through calli and campielli playing and singing with pots and lids, in search of sweets and coins. The culinary tradition includes the preparation of "San Martini" shortcrust pastry biscuits cut in the shape of the saint on horseback decorated with chocolate and colored candies.

Feast of Our Lady of Health
On November 21, the Venetians celebrate the Madonna della Salute as thanksgiving for saving the city from the plague of the seventeenth century. A bridge of boats is built in the Grand Canal, from the Madonna del Giglio to the Salute to facilitate the pilgrimage of the faithful who go to the Basilica to light their candle. The culinary tradition foresees that on the day of the feast the "castradina", a dish based on meat and vegetables, is eaten.

Events of December in Venice

Feast of St. Nicholas in Murano
On December 6, the island of Murano celebrates the Feast of St. Nicholas, the Venetian version of Nicholas, patron saint of glassmakers and sailors. On this day it is customary to exchange gifts, in memory of the legend according to which the saint gave a bag with gold coins to three poor girls, allowing them to have the dowry needed to get married. The festival is marked by religious celebrations and markets of glass objects made by the island's master glassmakers.