Venice is a city that attracts all kinds of tourists: among them there are undoubtedly tourists who are fond of animals and who maybe hope to visit Venice with their dogs or cats. If you plan to visit the city with your four-legged friends, you may be wondering if the lagoon is dangerous for them, what are the rules in Venice for dogs and if you need to use a leash and muzzle, how it is to move with the animals, if they can get on public transport and if there are green areas to take the animals and other pet friendly activities

Tips and rules for dogs in Venice

Let's start by saying that Venice is perfectly suited to a trip with your dog or cat. It often happens to see animals walking around the calli and bridges and orient themselves without any problems. Obviously, since the city is always full of people, it is recommended to provide your pets with a microchip and tag with a phone number, in order to be contacted in case of loss. As for the rules for bringing your dog to Venice, you will need to be equipped with a paddle and bags to remove the droppings. We recommend that you also bring with you a good supply of drinking water. Taking these precautions, which are valid for any very touristy city, we will answer the other specific questions.

How to get around Venice with your dog or cat?

Moving around Venice with your dog or cat should not cause you any particular difficulties, but it is better to make some considerations: by visiting Venice you will find yourself making long journeys on foot between stairs, bridges and stone floors that could be tiring for your dog, especially if he is not used to it. Consider, however, that dogs of any size can take vaporettos and other public transport for free as long as they are on a leash and muzzled. Small dogs, as well as cats, can be easily transported in a travel crate. The payment of the ticket is required only if the cage has a development of the three sides of more than 120 cm.

A gondola ride with your dog? Why not?
It is quite easy to find a gondolier who accepts dogs on board. Remember, however, that in this case the rules and the price are at the discretion of the gondolier. If you would like to pass the whim of taking your dog in a gondola for a little money, you could opt for those gondolas that serve as ferries to cross the Grand Canal. The route is small, but you'd save a lot of money.

Green areas in Venice to bring your dog and other pet-friendly activities

Among other things, there are also green areas in Venice where you can bring your dog. The two main ones are Giardino Savorgnan and Villa Graggia, and both are located in the area of Cannaregio. Another area, although much smaller, is located after the Accademia bridge, on the right.

In addition to the green areas where you can break out, there are a number of activities that allow entry to the animals, from simple shops to pet-friendly restaurants and hotels

For animal lovers we must mention the Acqua Alta library, an unusual library in Venice famous throughout the world where, between old and new tomes that float thanks to the ingenious methods devised by the owner, you will find, waiting for you, all the kittens that he adopted, who have lived in the library for years now.