Venice is a charming city and each of its corners is a breathtaking view. You only have to wander through its narrow streets to discover incredible hidden treasures. Here there are the 10 most beautiful secret corners of this extraordinary city in order to discover its hidden and unseen side, far away from tourists' eyes. 

Ponte Chiodo (Bridge Chiodo)

A very unique view is the one of Ponte Chiodo (Bridge Chiodo), located in the Cannaregio district on the Rio di San Felice. The uniqueness of this view is due precisely to the uniqueness of the bridge itself, the only bridge in Venice (there is another one on the island of Torcello) to still be without balustrades. The bridge belonged to the Chiodo family and is still a private bridge, as it leads to the doors of some houses. Not being located on the usual tourist routes, this bridge is far away from the crowds and is definitely a secret corner of Venice to discover.

Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Square Santi Giovanni e Paolo )

Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, located in the Castello district, is one of the largest squares in Venice. Of particular note are the two monuments on the square, the Medieval basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Scuola Grande di San Marco, which is today the city's hospital (Ospedale Civile SS. Giovanni e Paolo). The majestic white façade of the latter building is a true Renaissance jewel. The view of this entire square is one of the most beautiful and lesser-known views of the city, and to fully enjoy its beauty we recommend looking at it from Ponte Rosso, located at the end of fondamenta (a street parallel to a canal) Dandolo. 

Ponte del Lovo (Bridge del Lovo)

The view from this bridge is unique and fascinating. From the Ponte del Lovo, located in the district of San Marco on the Rio de San Salvador, you have a view on the canals of Venice from which you can admire the Campanile di San Marco (St. Mark's Campanile/bell tower) in all its beauty.

Squero di San Trovaso (Boatyard of San Trovaso)

The Squero di San Trovaso is one of the oldest squeri in Venice, the typical boatyard where the classic Venetian boats, such as gondolas for example, are built and repaired. It rises along the homonymous canal, in the Dorsoduro district, and dates back to 1600. That one of San Trovaso is one of the few still working squeri in Venice and for this reason it represents a unique view, especially if appreciated during the sunset tasting a spritz in one of the nearby bacari (a typical Venetian tavern).

Intersection between Calle dei Meloni and Calle del Mezo

A particular view is the one that you can see at the intersection between Calle dei Meloni and Calle del Mezo, a real picture-perfect landscape, literally. A small shop located at the beginning of Calle dei Meloni usually places a display on the outside, in front of the view on the canal, on which numerous picturesque postcards portraying Venice are placed, creating in this way a unique glimpse. 

Palazzo Tetta (Tetta Palace)

Strolling around the Castello district, at the fork between the Rio Tetta and the Rio di San Giovanni Laterano, you come across a striking view: a palace with three sides on water, the Palazzo Tetta. You only have to climb up the beautiful cast iron bridge Ponte dei Conzafelzi to fully enjoy this spectacular view.

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel (Soranzo Van Axel Palace)

The Soranzo Van Axel Palace, located in the Cannaregio district at the intersection between Rio de la Panada and Rio de Ca' Widmann, dates back to 1479 and was built for Nicolò Soranzo. It has late Gothic features and the large wooden entrance door is noteworthy: it is dates back to the period of construction. Walking along the Ponte (bridge) de le Erbe, located right in front of the main façade of the palace, it is like being inside a painting. 

Calle San Bernardo

If you walk down Calle San Bernardo, the street that leads to the one of the Ca' Foscari University campuses, Ca' Bernardo , you will find yourself directly on the Canal Grande. If you pay attention and lean out a little, you can admire a different and unique view of the most famous canal in Venice. 

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

The Contarini del Bovolo Palace is a late Gothic Venetian building located in the San Marco district, hidden among the calli around Campo Manin, and has two façades, one facing the Rio di San Luca and one facing the corte (courtyard) del Maltese. The real jewel of this palace is its circular staircase tower with a spiral staircase on the façade overlooking the Maltese courtyard, called Scala Contarini del Bovolo, where bovolo in Venetian means snail (in Italian snail is chiocciola and the spiral staircase is called scala a chioccola). The view of the staircase itself is unique, but the real magic lies inside the dome of this staircase, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city from above, in particular of St Mark's bell tower.  

Rialto Bridge

To conclude this list of incredible Venetian views, let's talk about the famous Rialto Bridge. Surely this is not such a secret view of the city, but if you walk along the bridge in the direction of St. Mark's Square turning to the fondamenta del traghetto del bus until you get to the beginning of Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi, you will find a small balcony from which you can admire the beauty of the Rialto Bridge flanked by the palace of the Corte dei Conti. A breathtaking view.