5. Having a cheap breakfast in Venice


To start the day in the best way possible and to charge up for the long walks through the city's calli, a good, energetic breakfast is a must. We advise you to go to one of the many small pastry shops in Venice, to taste the typical Venetian sweets, including zaeti and bussolai, and during Carnival time absolutely the frittelle. The most famous one is certainly Pasticceria Tonolo, located not far from the headquarters of Ca' Foscari University, and therefore frequented by many students. Here you will have a great choice of pastries, biscuits and slices of cake, at really cheap prices (slice of cake for 1/2 euro). 

For those who want to treat themselves to a breakfast with a view of St. Mark's, we suggest the Museo Correr café, which you can access even without visiting the museum. Prices here are lower than in the cafés located around the square, and from the windows of the room you can enjoy a unique view. 

4. Having lunch or dinner in one of the Venetian bacari


If you want to experience life as a true Venetian, you absolutely must stop for lunch or dinner, or at aperitif time as is more usual, in one of the many bacari, that are typical Venetian taverns. Here you can taste the true culinary tradition of the city, enjoying excellent cicheti, that are small appetizers, including baccalà mantecato, meatballs, mozzarella in carrozza, fried fish, tramezzini and sandwiches with sausages, all accompanied by an excellent glass of wine or spritz. Remember, however, that it is not customary to go to a single bacaro to eat the entire meal, but rather to visit different taverns in various stages, a so-called bacaro tour. Eating in a bacaro is not at all expensive: the price of a glass of wine ranges from 0.60 cents to a maximum of 2 euros, while cicheti range from 1 to 3 euros.

3. An express gondola ride for only 2 euros


Who wouldn't dream of visiting Venice on a typical gondola ride? Of course, this activity is not cheap at all, and for those who don't intend to spend all this money, we have a good alternative. In Venice there are also "traghetto" gondolas, used to cross the Grand Canal from one bank to the other. If you want to experience the same excitement as the typical gondola ride, albeit shorter, we recommend taking one of these gondolas, which cost only 2 euros per person. Ferry stops are located at various points along the Grand Canal in Venice, such as San Tomà or Santa Sofia. 

2. Seeing one of the most beautiful ceilings in the world for free


In Venice, near Campo Santa Margherita, stands the Church of San Pantalon. From the outside this church might go unnoticed because of its unfinished façade, but inside it holds a real treasure. Its ceiling, formed by a vast painting on canvas, has been classified by the BBC as one of the most beautiful ceilings in the world. This sight is even free of charge, just go during the opening hours of the church, remembering that it is not possible to visit during religious services. 

1. Enjoying a wonderful view of the Rialto Bridge


Since 2016, it has been possible to access the Fondaco dei Tedeschi's panoramic terrace, home to a shopping centre and cultural hub, free of charge. Its terrace offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city. Access is completely free, but you must book the time of your visit. Each visit lasts 15 minutes.