Even the most wicked act brings with it the seed of rebirth!

The club strikes slowly on the statue of Dea Madre, shredding it into pieces. The students of Liceo Linguistico “Francesco Da Collo” of Conegliano are shocked by the distruction of the fine art that Claudio Carrieri, sculptor and painter of female figures, created for the performance Aessenza, staged on 28th of April at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice in the exhibition “Da Kandinsky a Botero. Tutto in un filo ”. 

20190510190511Aessenza - omaggio a Khaleed Al Assaad a Venezia.jpg

This is the statue created in honor of Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, kidnapped and executed by ISIS for refusing to reveal where the "treasures" of Palmyra were hidden. "A world-renowned scholar who has preferred to sacrifice his life rather than reveal where he had hidden" his "precious finds, heritage of all humanity, saving them from ISIS, which often sells works of immeasurable value to finance its activities ", These are the words with which Donatella Avanzo, curator of Palazzo Zaguri and a fraternal friend of the Syrian archaeologist recalled.

"What was accomplished on Sunday 28 April is an act of peace - continued Avanzo - the fragments of the work that remained at Palazzo Zaguri are available to those who want to contribute to the archaeological mission carried out by Daniele Morandi Bonacossi. The professor of Archeology of the Near East at the University of Udine, came down to the front line to save the artistic heritage of those martyred lands from jihadist fury by digging into an area of three thousand square meters in Iraqi Kurdistan, along the front line with the Caliphate ".

If you are interested in the initiative or in love not only with the idea of the project, but also fascinated by the possibility of bringing home a "real piece of Italian art", you can contribute to this cause with an offer, just go to the inner courtyard of Palazzo Zaguri to take home a piece of Dea Madre.