After Piazza S. Marco and Campo S. Polo, it’s in Dorso Duro that you can find one of the widest and most lively areas of Venice, Campo Santa Margherita.

In my opinion this is one of the most changeable areas of the island, in fact during the day you can see tourists and residents who stroll through the square, make purchases from the greengrocer and watch the children play with the ball, it is at sunset that hundreds young university students come to savor the nightlife of the place.

Campo Santa Margherita offers many possibilities for young people: whether you want to have an aperitif in the open air, drink a cocktail in the warmth of the pubs or dine in a particular place, here it is possible.

Campo Santa Margherita: history and description

The Campo has an almost rectangular shape and owes its name to the Church of Santa Margherita, now deconsecrated and famous for its severed bell tower, which over the years has been used as a tobacco factory, as a deposit of marble, study of a sculptor, until it became a sort of cinema, which in turn, over the years, became the home of the auditorium of the University Ca 'Foscari. It has undergone, for hygienic reasons, the burial of two canals, now known as Rio Terà de la Scoassera and Rio Terà Canal.

For years, the field has been the nerve centre of artisan and industrial life in the city of Venice. In fact, in the field there were two artisan schools: the school of the varoteri and the school of the Caldareri. There were also the devotional school of Santa Margherita and the Scuola Grande dei Carmini, still existing.

Over the years, Campo Santa Margherita has gone from being a meeting place for craftsmen, workers, personalities of socialist circles and scapigliati poets to a meeting place for young people and students, while preserving its popular nature. Today it is the ideal place, both for tourists and locals, to spend an evening in happiness, sipping a drink and enjoying all the warmth that the city of Venice has to offer.

A typical evening in Campo Santa Margherita


Whether you are a student or a tourist, after a long day what you need is: unplug, spend a nice evening with friends and recharge.

In Campo Santa Margherita you can find several places to choose from to make an aperitif, for example: you can drink a Spritz in the open air sitting in the middle of the square and chat while you watch the travelers. At this point, after relaxing, you can change the location and have dinner with a stuffed pizza, a special sandwich or cold cuts of excellent quality.

But don’t think to finish your evening like this!

After paying the bill, what I advise you to do is to enter at least in one pub, taste some particular cocktails and savor this Venice full of liveliness. An authentic experience of Venice that you will enjoy in a square that has always been home to all those people who live the city every single day.