Venice reopens: masks down, and end of Coronavirus emergency

Today ends a difficult week for Venice and the whole Veneto region, after the declared emergency due to the arrival and spread of the Coronavirus in Northern Italy. The many controls carried out by the Italian Health System have allowed us to keep critical issues under control and to try to stem the spread of the virus on the national territory as much as possible. At the same time the State has been quick in implementing all the protocols aimed at safeguarding its citizens and all foreigners present in the country. These include the extraordinary measures adopted to deal with the emergency, such as the temporary closure of crowded places: these are exclusively precautionary measures that are not related to the spread of the virus, as far as the prevention of the spread itself. But the country is now returning to its normal daily routine.

And so in Venice, after a few cases, the City Council, in the figure of Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, has ordered the closure of the structures of mass influx as a precautionary measure. Now the city finally reopens and returns to normal, making its attractions and its many services fully available, in total safety.

The city cleaned and sanitized

The Venetian Administration has ordered, for the whole week just passed, the extraordinary sanitation and disinfection of all public areas of the city, such as calli, campi and campielli, fondamenta adn the bridges. This provision also affected all means of transport, both water and land of Actv and Avm companies, including also the landing stages (water bus stops) and the areas of the Santa Lucia Railway Station and Piazzale Roma, the terminal for road vehicles and fundamental interchange of Venice with the mainland.

The schools were also subject to extraordinary interventions during their closure.

But not only the public facilities, but also the private ones have taken care of the strictly extraordinary hygiene measures to reduce the possibility of virus infection to zero.

The reopening of museums, churches, theatres and all other monuments

The Order of the Ministry of Health and the Veneto Region required the closure of mass reception facilities, such as museums, churches, theatres and cinemas, and was effective until March 1, 2020.

And so on Tuesday, March 2, 2020 the city returns to normal and its ordinary daily routine!

All facilities, public and private, will regularly reopen. You will be able to return to visit all the museums, have peaceful access to the churches and the shows of all the theatres and cinemas, including those of the Gran Teatro la Fenice.

Markets, such as the famous and extraordinary Rialto market, will also return to their regular activity.

Don't let yourself be influenced by the circulation of false news or by easy but useless alarmism! Venice is a safe city, and at the present time completely sanitized. So, masks down and let's go back together to live the city as it deserves, with all its public spaces, its wonderful past and its extraordinary attractions.

Venice is waiting for you, and it's getting even more beautiful in view of spring, now just around the corner.