The 46th edition of the Alpine Ski World Championships in Cortina d'Ampezzo

On the occasion of the 46th edition of the Alpine Ski World Championships hosted from 8 to 21 February in Cortina d'Ampezzo in the province of Belluno, an opening ceremony will be celebrated in honor of one of the many territories victim of the health emergency: an praise to the entire Veneto region, the Dolomites and the Venice Carnival. The dramatic tourist crisis, present for a year now, does not want to fear the future but awaits it with patience and energy, never losing the opportunity to show the world the unique beauties and splendid human and natural landscapes that the area offers recognized as UNESCO Heritage .

A ceremony dedicated to the universal beauties of Veneto

The opening show will be held in Cortina d'Ampezzo on Sunday 7 February 2021 starting at 18:00 at Piazza della Stazione and will be broadcast on the Rai2 television channel, live streaming on Facebook and on the official YouTube channel. It will be plays of lights and music to kick off the two weeks of the Alpine Ski World Championships: an explosion of evocative and engaging visual and audiovisual shows intended for the enhancement of an important location for Veneto tourism and the world of winter sports at an international level. Representing the history and folklore of the town there will be the notes of the Musical Corps of Cortina d’Ampezzo, which boasts a band tradition dating back to 1861, as well as various exponents of Italian music such as Gianna Nannini and Francesco Gabbani. From the values ​​of Cortina, the show will continue coherently towards a regional territorial promotion with a particular focus on the city of Verona, given its namesake Arena, and of Venice. The performances of the Venice Carnival will be of great visual impact but above all emotional: Veneto extends its territory from the sea to the mountains, boasting of possession of the city of water for excellence as well as one of the most coveted snow-covered destinations on the entire planet; this idea based on the morphology of the territory is realized with the theme of the transformation of water that becomes snow and then ice, suggesting the journey of a tradition born "on water" that goes inland, changing but keeping equally clear the its integrity. The evocative scenography will welcome Tina Maze, Olympic champion in downhill and giant slalom, who will wear a wonderful dress made by the Venetian atelier of Antonia Sautter, famous for the costumes of the Doge's Dance. The inaugural appointment of Cortina 2021 represents a fundamental moment for the entire creative industry which proves to be solid and robust, contrary to the current situation, and confirms its strategic importance in the country's economy: this great sports show will be a great springboard for recovery but also of presence for the "Made in Italy" supply chain.