If you're planning a holiday in Venice, you're surely wondering what attractions you shouldn't miss and how best to experience this incredible city. Thanks to the Venice Pass your holiday in Venice will be totally on point. Discover with us everything you need to know about the new Venice tourist card.

What can you do with the Venice Pass?

With the Venice Pass you can visit most of the sites and museums in Venice for free and move freely with all means of transport. You can also get discounts on major tours and at some of the city's busiest historic activities. 

Whether you want to eat in the best restaurants and taverns in Venice, lose yourself in the artistic richness of the city and its monuments, or simply stroll through the streets and alleyways of the historic centre, the Venice Pass will be able to offer you a unique experience

Additional discounts and benefits are also included in the pass, such as participating in a workshop to learn the ancient art of Venetian mask-making, discovering how the famous glass manufacturers in Murano are made or taking a tour of the traditional bacari, to experience Venice like a Venetian

Why choose Venice Pass?

If you are planning a holiday of a few days in Venice and are interested in visiting typical sites and attractions and enjoying unique and interesting experiences, then the Venice Pass is what you need.

The Basilica of San Pietro di Castello and the Museo Le macchine di Leonardo are just some of the sites that can be visited for free thanks to the Venice Pass. This daily tourist card will take you to discover new Venetian sights: churches, museums and historical sites. 

The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Church of Sant'Alvise are added to the list. But the attractions where you will have a reduced price are many, visit the official website to find out more.

24-hour free public transport

The Venice Pass not only offers discounted entry to several museums and attractions in the city, but also functions as an information map. All the attractions and places to visit in Venice are marked on the map, thanks to its app.

To reach all the places indicated in your app, you only need to take one of the numerous waterbuses that populate the Venetian canals as public transport is included. Thanks to the pass you can also reach the islands of Lido, Murano and Burano for free. 

Moreover, taking the Line 1 waterbus, from the station to St Mark's Square, you will travel along the entire Grand Canal. A journey that will take you back in time, where you can admire the marvellous palaces of Venice from its waters. 

The most beautiful experiences in Venice

The pass also allows you to enjoy some of the most engaging and exciting experiences Venice has to offer. See master glassmakers at work and be able to create your own handmade mask. Experiences that will bring you closer to the culture and traditions of this city.

But not only art and culture, with the Venice Pass you will always be updated on the best restaurants and where to stay for a perfect holiday. What's more, you'll get discounts you can use at the city's most renowned and historic businesses. Shops selling typical products and artisan workshops run by real Venetians. Find out more about the Venice Pass by visiting the official website and treat yourself to an authentic holiday in Venice.