The edition dedicated to Venice with the plastinate bodies of a glass master and a gondolier

Palazzo Zaguri, in Venice, will host from 28 September the exhibition Real Bodies: a unique exhibition in the world, an exhibition of human anatomy with bodies and organs preserved by plastination.

For the occasion, as a tribute to the city of Venice that hosts the exhibition, will be exposed the bodies of a master glassmaker in the act of blowing the glass in front of a typical furnace, and that of a gondolier placed precisely on a gondola, so as to show users the muscles involved in the exercise of rowing Venetian-Style.

The direction of the exhibition, Venice Exhibition, has set up the exhibition as a sort of atlas, divided into sections, each dedicated to a specific apparatus: from the skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, up to sectional anatomy and a look at the future of biomedicine and biomechanics.

Real Bodies is an exhibition that has travelled around the world beating any record and now arrives in Venice presenting itself with a new project along with unique exhibits dedicated to the same Venice.
The exhibition of Real Bodies will offer all its visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the human body and its characteristics in the most immediate and immersive way possible: observing it live, up close.  
A unique opportunity to understand the anatomy and to reflect on what is, perhaps, our most precious asset, our body, and also on how to preserve it and put us on guard from the paths that it runs.

Opening days and hours: every day from 10.00 to 19.00, last admission at 18.00. Check for updates on any closing days at