No Christmas is complete without a splendid opera concert.

And like every Christmas, also for this weird 2020, the Gran Teatro La Fenice gives us the vibrant emotion that only music can give.

As it is easy to imagine, having to comply with the rules of the Decree that require the closure of theaters, for this Christmas the concert will not be "in presence", it will not be possible to attend live. But modernity in this difficult time has certainly brought everyone closer, and thanks to a live streaming on the YouTube channel of the theater, we could all watch the show in a front row seat. An armchair at home...

The appointment is for Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 17:30.

The concert will be performed as always by the Orchestra of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, conducted for this work by Gianluca Capuano. On stage, then, the Concerto grosso in D major op. 6 n. 4 and the Concerto grosso in G minor op. 6 n. 8 by Arcangelo Corelli, considered the founder of this type of concerts extremely in vogue between the second half of the seventeenth century and the first of the eighteenth century. To this will be added the Stabat Mater P 77 by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, with the solo voices of soprano Silvia Frigato and contralto Sara Mingardo: the last work of the young composer from the Marche region performed during the liturgy of Holy Week, and considered a true stylistic masterpiece of sacred music, thanks above all to the modernity of its language and expressive content.

Franco Rossi, scientific consultant of the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, expressed his opinion on the choice: "Typical of these works, and of Corelli in general, are elegance, formal cleanliness, smoothness and even the refusal of any contrast except that of a different level of sonority. It is an exposition that also invests and emphasizes a concept of continuity, of logical consequentiality without shocks and unexpected events, with inevitable reflections on the thematic choice, which almost never has the aggressive incisiveness of Vivaldi, but a regular and uniform course; they are not particularly identified themes, but they lend themselves very well to a constant development, so to speak horizontally, of the various potentialities contained therein."

At Teatro La Fenice is 2 times Christmas

The pandemic situation has undoubtedly dampened the enthusiasm of many and especially the optimism of a return to normality. But the fact that we can, and must, return to the life we had before is something we must believe in! And the Gran Teatro La Fenice also believes in it, and has tried to make concrete the desire to return to the auditorium as soon as possible and enjoy the magnificent emotion that the theater, whether opera or not, gives us. 

With the initiative At Teatro La Fenice is 2 times Christmas, if you buy two tickets for a careful selection of events over the period from December 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021 you will pay the cost of a single ticket.

We'll be back in theaters soon. We just have to really believe it!

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