Burano is one of the most famous islands of Venice, reachable by vaporetto or guided tours, known all over the world for colored houses and the production of lace. Big enough to be visited in a single day, Burano, is among the main tourist destinations.

Burano in one day


As soon as you disembark in Burano you will be amazed and fascinated by this beautiful island, you will be surrounded by: colored houses, old ladies who work lace, flowers and calli that open in large squares. You will be pervaded by different sensations: amazement, tranquility, joy and disbelief, is it ever possible that a place like this exists?

A day in Burano will be enough to introduce you to the island and will allow you to discover it all. My advice is to arrive with the idea of you want to see, but I recommend to cut out a part of time to get lost in the calli and bridges, just so you can find amazing views.

Four, in my opinion, are the beauties you can’t miss when you arrive in this magnificent island:

  • The house of Bepi, now deceased painter, who has painted his house with so many colors to make it the most colorful of Burano;
  • The view from the Terranova Bridge of San Martino church and the leaning bell tower;
  • Buranello lace museum in piazza del Municipio to observe closely the most beautiful masterpieces;
  • Take a souvenir photo at Tre Ponti, a structure that connects the canals and the main streets of Burano.

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