Venice offers a lot to see to tourists and choose what to visit and how to visit it can be difficult and expensive. To meet the needs of tourists, there is the Venice Pass: the key to visiting Venice and Veneto from a different perspective, more comfortable, more convenient and smarter.

What is the Venice Pass?

The Venice Pass is a digital card that will allow you to visit the main attractions of Venice including museums, historical buildings, churches, monuments and much more thanks to the agreement with Venezia Unica.
With Venice Pass you can also travel around Venice using public transport saving money and time.
Also with Venice Pass, you will have access to special discounts in the main tourist activities (and not only) of Venice, saving, for example, on accommodation in Venice, but also in restaurants where you go to eat and in places of entertainment and shopping. With Venice Pass you will also have access at a reduced price to all the tours you will find on Visit Venice.

How to get the Venice Pass?

Simple, just download the Venice Pass app or go to the Venice Pass official website and make the purchase to have your Venice Pass always with you on your smartphone. In the Venice Pass app, you'll also find lots of exclusive content about the city that will always be available for you: before, during and after your trip to Venice.

The Venice Pass app is avaiable since this October.

In short, Venice Pass is a new, more comfortable, smarter and more convenient way to visit Venice.