Attributable to the Roman era, Caorle has become one of the most popular seaside resorts for Italians and foreigners. Inserted in 2017 in the list of historic seaside villages of Italy, it has also received recognition for the cleaning of beaches and tourist landing places (Blue Flag) and as an Italian town that promotes sustainable rural development (Green Spikes) by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

A place for everyone


For years Caorle has been the destination of summer holidays with my family, I remember very well the street where I bought Mickey Mouse, the lifeguard who cleaned the shoreline every morning and the sunny days spent playing under the beach umbrella. What comes to mind, however, are also the evenings spent in the centre of the village, the streets filled with tourists and children who walked after dinner to buy local products, souvenirs or clothing while enjoying the fresh air.

Over the years this has not really changed, we can say that it is at sunset that Caorle’s nightlife begins, the pubs raise the volume of the music, the shops and ice cream parlours open their doors and the street artists begin to entertain tourists with magic tricks and portraits.

The centre satisfies everyone, if you are looking for good food there is no better choice than letting yourself guided by the scents, it is often in the narrow Calli where you find crazy restaurants or Street Food with fresh catch of the day. If you like to party, you will only have to walk down the main street to find dozens of places to go wild. For those who travel as a couple and prefer to enjoy the tranquillity, I recommend moving some parallel street to the centre and walking along the promenade listening to the sound of the waves that breaks on the rocks. In the same way, however, if you feel the need to do sports you can find the tennis, golf or horse-riding club.

Bar gelateria Firenze: the joy of taste!


The evenings spent in Caorle with my family included a long walk, a short tour of the shops and a stop to cool off from the heat at Bar Gelateria Firenze.

Local historical place in Caorle, Bar Gelateria Firenze has different type of clients like inhabitants of the town but also many tourists such as the Italians, Germans and Slovaks who are waiting for the arrival of summer only to enjoy once again the excellent products of this place.

Original and always at the forefront, the menu is a triumph of tastes and flavours, on the advice of regular customers  ice cream cups, ice cream pizza and strawberries spaghetti are excellent. Ready to satisfy any desire, you can find Bar Gelateria Firenze open also at breakfast and if you want to wake up with the classic fragrance of an Italian breakfast, here you can find brioches and cappuccino. For those who prefer to cool off after an afternoon spent on the beach, Bar Gelateria Firenze offers excellent cocktail like the Mojito of the house.

Giuliana and Gianni are always ready to welcome any request from their customers, cordial and ready to pamper anyone, I'm sure they will make your stay in Caorle tasty and unforgettable.

Sights of Caorle: things to do and see


Caorle is full of characteristic places, but only two are the ones that in my opinion you should definitely visit:

  • The sanctuary of the Madonna of the Angel, located along the seafront, is a Gothic style church built in the 8th century and subsequently rebuilt in 1751;
  • The Cathedral of Caorle with its bell tower was built in the 11th century and rededicated in 1665. This is still the site of annual events such as the fire at the cylindrical bell tower where, every July, the Madonna of the sanctuary of the Angel is hoisted on a pedestal.

Carole has a special place in my heart and I'm sure that if you see it for just one day, you'll be fascinated!