The event you want, exactly where you want it

Close your eyes. Imagine.
Imagine being able to be exactly where you would like to be, and spend one of the most important days of your life in a unique and unparalleled location in the world, with a setting that frames and carefully embroiders every detail. Now open your eyes and, thinking back to the last months overwhelmed by an unprecedented health emergency, Live every moment to the fullest and choose to enjoy every single moment in the city of waters renowned all over the world. A city, where cars don't exist and where everything what you can hear will be the breaking of the water of the canals on the seabed, moved by the path that the gondolas cross every day to offer each visitor unique and fascinating experiences. A play of lights that is reflected on the water, a play of natural elements that paints your stay in Venice as if it were otherworldly magic: it's this particular magic that allows Venice to be chosen as a city for important national events, but above all at an international level. The most sought-after side of Venice is exactly the choice of the same as the venue for your wedding or, more generally, for any occasion of any importance: Venice is famous for the waters that surround it, for Carnival, for art, culture, history and the theater and so the city is the perfect site of numerous events and anniversaries every year, such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, graduation parties, concerts, birthdays, fashion parties and cocktail parties.

The solutions that Venice offers to every private event

Venice is full of prestigious locations, everywhere. Surrounded by the lights of an evening panorama, the water of the canals that surround the city and the historic buildings of which Venice is rich, you will have an infinite choice of solutions for any occasion. Everyone dreams of a wedding in Venice, but it is good to remember that dreams can come true, with different opportunities for every budget. From luxury and prestige to a more intimate reception without excess: Venice guarantees a high degree of satisfaction for any taste and need. Venice wants the spouses to live every moment to the fullest and is proposed as the right choice for one of the most beautiful and important days of their life. But the Serenissima isn't just wedding, Venice is events: it's no coincidence that it's one of the five Italian cities most chosen for private events, from anniversaries and honeymoons to corporate events, educational parties such as graduations, or even more quieter and more mundane events such as fashion and cocktail parties. Whatever it's, every event has a common denominator: the ability to choose the way to organize it, having the possibility to find exactly what you are looking for. Exclusive, contemporary, elegant, botanical, cosmopolitan, rock, elegant, sophisticated: these are just some of the places that the city offers, given not only the presence of hotels, halls and buildings that can accommodate you, but also restaurants, bistros and lounge bars that will know welcome guests and celebrated according to needs.

And what about the details?

AFS - Service Audio Luci is the right choice for every need. From weddings to congress services, from gala evenings to corporate events, from DJ sets to lights and audio: for any occasion AFS - Service Audio Luci is the leader of the city of Venice and the Veneto region in attention to detail, offering with extreme care (and in all circumstances) exactly what is requested. During ceremonies, or any other event, it's essential that all guests are able to follow each phase: for this purpose, powerful amplification systems are offered, perfect for open or closed places, together with a wide range of musical instruments and a studied and proper lighting. Whether it's a promotional or purely personal event, AFS - Service Audio Luci guarantees perfection, keeping the level of the main city in which it operates high.