Romantic dinner... takeaway in the city streets

A candlelight dinner, the most classic way to spend the most romantic of occasions. Surprising your partner with an elegant dinner is an expression of affection that never goes out of fashion. A nice alternative to sitting at a restaurant table is street food. Why sit indoors when you can dine in the open air, under an arcade, dazzled by the beauty of Venetian monuments? Venice, like many cities in Italy, is full of places where you can buy take-away food and enjoy Venetian specialities by moonlight. Strolling and eating in the streets of the Serenissima with your loved one is fantastic, but you must remember to respect the environment, so as not to risk dirtying or polluting the Venetian beauties. Eating without getting dirty.

Valentine's Day is the festival of lovers and what better city than Venice to spend a day of love and romance. Even in this particular year, it is legitimate to carve out some time to dedicate to yourself and the people you love. Here is what to do on Valentine's Day in Venice.

Walk in Cannaregio

Cannaregio is one of Venice's sestieri and is undoubtedly the city's most exclusive. Far from crowded and excessively touristy places, Cannaregio is the ideal destination for a stroll in a romantic atmosphere. Walking along the "Fondamenta della Misericordia" you can breathe in an air of times gone by, an atmosphere capable of reviving love even when it seems to have died down. Walking along the streets of Cannaregio means lingering over small details, observing precious glimpses where you can take photos with the person you love. Under the sun or in the moonlight, the ideal destination for an alternative Valentine's Day.

Two hearts and a hot chocolate

The February cold can be a big obstacle, but two hearts in love always know how to warm up. Hot chocolate in one of Venice's many historic bars is the ideal way to spend Valentine's Day in love. St. Mark's Square is the perfect place to choose a bar in which to sit and spend hours drinking the hot drink while gazing into each other's eyes, in the shadow of St. Mark's Bell Tower. And, as Giacomo Casanova said, chocolate is a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

A walk in the green

Remembrance Park, Biennale Gardens, Papadopoli Gardens. These are just some of the most beautiful and fascinating green areas in Venice, where you can spend your lovers' day surrounded by the greenery of nature. In the Venetian parks, harmony, serenity and love for vegetation reign supreme. Places to relax your mind and devote all your energy to the well-being of your partner. Far from the chaos of the centre and isolated from the rest of the world, the green parks are a real alternative for a Valentine's Day in Venice.

Escape for love in Verona, in the way of Romeo and Juliet

And if, after a gondola ride, a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs and dance in St Mark's Square, you think that Venice is too small for you, you can always go to Verona. An elopement in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet in a beautiful city in Veneto. Visit Juliet's house, what better occasion than Valentine's Day to celebrate the greatest tale dedicated to love. A photo looking out onto the balcony can be a memory that remains indelible in the hearts of lovers.