Imagine you have just arrived in Venice after a long journey, or you are about to leave to go to work, to be thirsty or that hunger that you can't ignore, what do you do? You are in Italy, home of good food, but also in Venice, famous among other things for baccalà and polenta, I think that the only thing you expect is to eat well!

“El tramesìn”


The most famous Venetian sandwich is a direct descendant of the English sandwich. Born around the eighteenth century by John Montagu, count of the English county of Sandwich, from which it takes its name, it is taken up in 1800 to be included in the classic English tea. After this exceptional invention, this "small sandwich" has widespread throughout Europe, up to the time of Gabriele D'Annunzio.

It was D'Annunzio who, during the fascist period, called it "intramezzo" because of its characteristic of being eaten between two meals.

Disembarked in Venice the sandwiches immediately became the ideal appetizer for the aperitif or to break the hunger. "El tramesìn", as the Venetians call it, is nothing more than a delicious filling kept between two soft slices of bread, well stuffed and with very fresh and high quality ingredients (which is why it looks rounded and greedy). The bread in question, strictly without crust, is particularly moist not only for the generous layer of mayonnaise inside, but also for the particular climate of the city that makes it unique in its kind.

Eaten exclusively with hands and with a napkin to clean your mouth, in Venice there are many places that offer tuna and onions or ham and eggs, but only few dare to propose modern combinations such as lobster and eggs or king crab and shrimps.

Bar Filovia, a paradise for gourmets!


A few steps away from Piazzale Roma and Ponte della Costituzione, precisely at Fondamenta Santa Chiara we find Bar Filovia, despite its small size it is a fixed stop for both commuters and many Venetians.

With an infinite choice of products such as: croissants, sweets, good wine and aperitifs, it is known and recommended for the goodness, at the right price, of its sandwiches. Generously filled and with a delicate taste, this bar offers not only the classic matches but also delicious gourmet combination such as the famous 'piccantino', one of the house specialties.

What else? If you want to break the hunger, to eat something really tasty, Bar Filovia Venetian sandwiches are a real must!