Cicchetti and bacari. Discover the unstoppable taste of Venetian gastronomic culture

The historic Italian culinary tradition offers a wide variety of recipes that differ from region to region, from city to city, and even Venice could not help but give a tasty eating habit: the so-called Venetian cicchetto.

The Venetian cicchetto is a simple snack that goes well with wine, prosecco and the typical Venetian spritz. There are many varieties and recipes that can be found in the lagoon, to be enjoyed in the characteristic Venetian "bacari". This is how the many taverns in the city are called, which further enrich a territory already rich in culture, history and gastronomy.

The name bacaro derives from the dialectal expression "dar bacara" that is to make a racket, to celebrate, in honor of the Greek god Bacchus, protector of good wine, harvest and pleasure of the senses. Imagine the convivial and festive atmosphere that is experienced within the Venetian bacari, small pleasures that travelers, tourists and inhabitants should take as soon as they can.

The "cichetada" (Italian name for this round of cicchetti) in Venice becomes almost an obligation, going around on a tour of the taverns can be a pleasant and interesting experience that will make you discover the habits of the place and the very special gastronomic culture.

What are the cicchetti you absolutely must try?

The city is really rich in all these very special taverns in all its districts some very special, where you can also listen to good music you find them in the Rialto area, in the heart of the city.

But which of these small specialties can I absolutely not miss? Well, there's something for everyone here! Let's discover them together: sardines in saor, mozzarella in carrozza, fried meatballs, eggs and anchovies, cuttlefish, and especially the fried squid skewers. When you find this type of food stop because it is the right place for you, enjoy a nice prosecchino and continue to the next tavern, the diet you will think about another occasion.

Widely spread in the basins, the sandwiches, always fresh, tasty and super bottled, it is really hard to say no, one will pull the other. Insured! And if the soft bread does not convince you, opt for the classic small sandwiches, stuffed with ham, pork, olive pate. They are quite common around Venice, especially in the university area.

Obviously it is always better to choose the cicchetti according to the season, in winter you can enjoy tripe, musetto, beans and the inevitable polenta, different types of cod, fish carpaccio and natural meats to accompany with the excellent mulled wine, which spicy to the right point, will warm you up and light up your evenings.

Especially in the Cannaregio area, you can also find places that offer a level of culinary research much more gourmet, delicious and delicate croutons: simple slices with ricotta cheese, smoked tomatoes, cod, swordfish with special pairs, avocado, berries and chocolate. They are cheap and create a friendly environment in which to talk and make new acquaintances.

Young and old from all over the world, immerse yourself in this very special world of Venetian bacaro, embrace the idea of the party, always let yourself go in respect of an extraordinary city that will never cease to surprise you. Venice, always unique and wonderful.