Arrived in Venice we seem to be catapulted into another reality, yet we are always in Italy, home of poets and tailors, but also of culinary art, such as pizza and ice cream.

Venice, like many touristic cities, is full of bars where you can have lunch or just take a break. If you are tired of walking, you want to refresh yourself, or simply you are greedy like me, I recommend you to enjoy a homemade ice cream.

How to choose the best gelato in Venezia

In every corner of the Lagoon you can find this delicious ice cream, but be careful to choose the right place!

I suggest you to stop in commercial activities that mention the word handcrafted ice cream or, if you don’t want to risk losing some gems, consult the page dedicated to ice cream parlours in Venice here on our website, certainly it will help you in your choice.

Delicacies everywhere

Near and far to places of interest or in a Calle, you will see inviting shop window full of colors where it is impossible not to stop. The choice of tastes is vast, from the typical fruit and creams to an explosion of tropical and original flavours.

Traditional, yes, but not too much, these ice cream parlors offer different types of ice cream cones, from classic to hazelnut, moreover, the same quality of pods is often also used for cups, this means that the it can also be eaten.

If you find yourself in the surroundings of this ice cream parlor, and I'm sure it will happen, stop, even just to taste a scoop of ice cream, it's really worth it.