The Merchant of Venice is a play by William Shakespeare set in 16th century in Venice, during the full splendor of the Serenissima Republic. 

History of the Merchant of Venice

The plot is very compelling and was also written in the famous film by Michael Radford in 2004 with Al Pacino. The film was screened for the first time at the 61st Venice International Film Festival, so right in the city where it is set and was partially shot.
The plot tells two love stories that intertwine between Bassanio, a friend of the nobleman Antonio, and the beautiful and smart Porzia, and another friend of Antonio and the daughter of Shylock, the terrible Jewish money lander. The whole story revolves around Antonio and Shylock (in the film played masterfully by Al Pacino).

Bassanio asks Antonio for 3000 ducats to court Porzia. Antonio is rich, but much of his money is invested in cargo ships still travelling. He then turns to the Jew Shylock. Shylock, however, has a great resentment towards Antonio for the numerous anti-Semitic insults that he addressed to him when they met in the Venetian streets. In addition, Jessica, his daughter, escaped with a friend of Anthony, who was a Christian. Shylock then plans his revenge and writes in the loan contract that if the sum is not repaid within the deadline, Anthony must give him in return a pound of his flesh. Antonio, sure that the ships are coming, accepts and signs.
Antonio's ships, however, shipwrecked and he, without money, cannot pay the debt. Shylock then demands a pound of Antonio's meat and even appeals to the Doge. He wants revenge!
We do not tell you how the story ends because it is full of twists and turns and we recommend you see the film.

The Merchant of Venice tells the story of the times of the Serenissima Republic of Venice

"The Merchant of Venice" tells the life of the Serenissima in the full splendor, when the city was the center of maritime trade. The wealth of Venice was linked to trade but also to cultural exchanges between peoples that often resulted in diatribes even if they needed each other.
The story is so exciting that a themed Escape Room was born in Venice, "the Merchant of venice" which promises to transport players, like in a time machine, inside Shylock's studio. Players have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles designed to protect the treasure skillfully hidden by Shylock. If they find the 3000 hidden ducats they will be able to pay for the pledge and save their lives!

It seems very addictive ... you will succeed?