Between legends and beliefs, Ponte dei Sospiri is one of the first places to visit in Venice, one of the must see that at least once in life should be visited, especially in company of your cherished ones. Maybe the most famous bridge of Venice, as well as being paid with homages from all over the world for many reasons, is built with Istrian stone.
Visible from both sides, it's observable only from two other bridges since it's hanging above the canal navigable with gondolas: from the outside you can notice two little pierced windows, one per side, where you can see some beauties of the city through the web. Inside what was designed as the linking bridge between a courthouse and a jail you can easily see, for example, the isle of San Giorgio Maggiore.
The charm of the friezes and baroque ornaments, the historical particularity of being made by the famous architect Contin, plus the reclusion of the celeber Casanova granted this place a certain fame: the romantic italian adventurer wrote, inside the book "The story of my escape from the prisons of the Republic of Venice called the Leads”, about his escaping from that prison.
Something you cannot lose for any reason is the view from the inside - with the obligatory booking of a guided tour - that shows a performance of it completely different from what one would expect! 

Why is it called Ponte dei Sospiri? The origin of the name

The most presumable but uncertain story is about the last view from the prisoners of the city, probably the final time they could see the lagoon city, the most beautiful one in the world, and doing so they sighed - thus giving birth to the myth: at this moment the sighs emitted on the bridge are quite different, because they are mostly exclamation of amazement from tourists and lovers.