The history of the Republic of Venice has been linked to astrology for its entire duration. In fact, when you walk in Piazza San Marco or visit Palazzo Ducale, you are surrounded by objects and symbols related to the world of astrology.
The zodiac signs represent the Republic: Pisces (the shape of the city), the Lion of San Marco (the Republic), Libra (on the top of Palazzo Ducale represents Justice), Cancer (the crab in moeca is a symbol of the Republic ), etc. It is no coincidence that, during the fifteen centuries of history of the Republic of Venice, both its inhabitants and the administrators of the bureaucratic machine used to follow the sign of the stars for their daily lives (work cycle, harvesting in the fields, fishing, trade) that for administrative and defense management (justice, declaration of war or peace, enactment of laws, etc.).

Symbols of astrology in the architecture of Venice

In 1499, on a project by architect Mauro Codussi, the Clock Tower was erected, one of the most original constructions of Venetian architecture, in harmony with the wonders of St. Mark's Square. In the large dial the moon phases are indicated, with a moon only half golden to indicate the exact moment of the moon phase in the sky, all the constellations of the zodiac, whose representations are huge zodiac signs covered in gold leaf that glisten when the sun illuminates them and the time indication divided into 24 parts. At the time, the 24 hours started from the rising and setting of the sun, so a guardian, called the adjuster, corrected, with the passing of the seasons, the beginning and end of the day.
Another quadrant with the signs of the zodiac is present in the Senate Room of the Doge's Palace in Venice, the seat of the government of the Republic and the highest order of the administrative machine of the Serenissima Republic. The Senate or Council of Pregadi was a constitutional organ of the Republic of Venice established since 1229 as a superior deliberative assembly of the Republic, which dealt with the discussion of foreign policy and current problems.