Venice, the city par excellence that rhymes with romance!

The extraordinary charm of a place that invites us to hold hands under the stars in St. Mark's Square, to lose our eyes in the crowds that invade the calli, or to let us go for a long kiss together with the person we love: spending Valentine's Day in Venice can truly be an unforgettable experience. D do as a couple of course!

Here's what not to miss in Venice on Valentine's Day!

A long kiss at the Bridge of Sighs


Exchanging a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs is one of the historical Venetian legends of Valentine's Day: it seems that exchanging a kiss with your beloved passing under the Bridge on a gondola at the precise moment when St. Mark's Bell Tower rings its bells, assures your love for eternity! Well, astral conjunction!

Not everyone believes in legends, but exchanging a passionate kiss in one of the most beautiful places in Venice is still something very romantic. I believe that even a kiss near the famous Bridge, perhaps on the Ponte della Paglia, with the splendor of St. Mark's Basin behind it, is fine. If you want to get lost in this kiss "of sighs" do it in the evening, or at night, during the day the place is very crowded, and in these cases prying eyes do not help to create the right atmosphere!

For a love that wants to challenge the eternal ...

Enjoy the city at sunset hand in hand


Venice is known, at least we know it because we have always said so, it is a wonderful city, rich in great art, exceptional monuments, historical architecture and beautiful promenades. Why, then, do not take advantage to take splendid walks at sunset, when the city slowly empties, leaving room for silence, waiting for the first lights of the evening that make the atmosphere warm and muffled, with the sky to be the setting for your tender embrace.

Imagine walking in St. Mark's Square, surrounded by beautiful architecture, perhaps reaching the Orseolo Basin, one of the most romantic and quiet spots of the city at night.

But the most beautiful sunsets in Venice can be enjoyed from St. Mark's Basin! Then you can reach the Zattere, one of the least touristy places in the city, open on the Giudecca Canal, where you can wait for the sun to set; or the island of San Giorgio, where the Doge's Palace and the elegant Riva degli Schiavoni (Riva degli Schiavoni), which gently reaches the Gardens of St. Helena, are the most beautiful places in Venice.

Not bad, isn't it, to spend a Valentine's Day made exclusively of essential and simple things!?

For couples who love simple things, but true..

A romantic gondola ride


It may seem a bit obvious but never before is it so tender and sentimental to take a classic gondola ride (here). Love can never be trivial.

Beautiful private tours will take you to the most suggestive places of the city, making you discover hidden glimpses not passable except by water, for a magical and extremely romantic moment to share with your loved one. Cuddled by the waves of the Lagoon, caressed by the breeze, you could also be pampered by the notes of a splendid serenade that will add enchantment to your walk. I advise you to choose the night tour, when the city empties, the water becomes silk, so you can kiss under the stars, in the shadow of the moonlight.

For a love "eyes in the eyes" on the water ...

Dancing at night in the Saint Mark Square


Saint Marco Square is the tourist heart of the city! At any time of day it is always crowded with tourists and curious, travelers and attractive, to the point that enjoying its beauty is often very difficult!

But there is a way to remedy this: reach the square at night, when it is completely empty, shrouded in the dark night sky with its atmosphere softened by warm and reassuring lights. It seems to be master of a wide and silent space, poetically interrupted only by the notes of the orchestras of its Cafés. And then the Square will become your stage, where you can enjoy a romantic waltz or a passionate tango lulled by live music: to feel like protagonists in the heart of the city where dreams come true!

Let's say that we could also escape a marriage proposal.... The space to kneel at the feet of your beloved is there!

For a love of music and stars ...

On the trail of Giacomo Casanova, to challenge the loyalty of your love


In Venice, if we talk about love, we cannot do without talking about Giacomo Casanova, writer and poet, adventurer and traveller, but above all unrepentant lover and intriguing seducer. Casanova knew women and the art of love!

Leaving aside the fact that he used to love several women at the same time, I still find it romantic and interesting to spend Valentine's Day in his footsteps, in search of "a moment that is worth a lifetime": specialized tours will take you to the places he loved the most, those he loved to frequent, between libertinism, poetic rhymes and erotic feats.

You will be taken to the Prisons of the Riva degli Schiavoni, the place where he famously escaped from the terrible Leads; to the Ridotto, where he used to gamble hidden behind the features of a mask; to Campo San Samuele, where he grew up, and to Campo San Maurizio, where the erotic poet Giorgio Baffo, who apparently started the young Giacomo's most impertinent amateur art, lived. And then in Murano, at the Convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli which housed a group of nuns: some of them, in fact, not very faithful to the law of the Lord, became faithful to the seductions of the body practiced by Casanova!

Only for proven and boringly faithful loves!

A visit to romantic Murano, Burano and Torcello


Colorful and full of charm, the small islands of the Lagoon, Murano, Burano and Torcello, can give you very exciting moments. Only the aquatic path that you will follow to reach them is really spectacular and is able to fascinate and fascinate. Run and get lost in those places suspended between art and craftsmanship where love and emotions are always in first place, in a time that seems to have crystallized. 

For love of yesteryear ...

The red heart of Melusina that makes love eternal


If you hope that your love is eternal then you can't help but touch the red heart of Melusina, protagonist of one of the oldest legends of the city. The story tells of a fisherman who married a mermaid, Melusina, who was transformed for love into a beautiful girl. After years of love and the birth of three children the girl died, but she continued to take care of her family under the robes of a snake. The frightened young man killed the snake, realizing only after that animal was only a different form of his great love, thus losing it forever. Today, that legend and that great love are carved in the Sotoportego dei Preti in the Sestiere di Castello, where Melusina's red heart is kept: if couples caress that heart together, their love will be eternal.

A heart of stone for eternal love ...

The love and folly of Carnival: perfect combination!


This year the Day of Lovers recurs in the middle of the Carnival celebrations, which have as their theme "Love, Game & Folly". If you want to spend an alternative Valentine's Day then I suggest you to take part in the event that will be held in St. Mark's Square: a show of dance, music, gags and moments of daring romance, for a Valentine all to laugh at, presented by the famous Venetian DJ Tommy Vee, who after the show will make you dance without brakes all night long!

And if at least once in your life you wanted to scream your love to the world, this is the right occasion! Thanks to the initiative "Scream your love", by sending a couple's love selfie to the email, you could be selected among the most creative people who that night will go on stage to scream their love in the true sense of the word! Remember that it is essential that in the selfie there is at least one heart and the phrase "I shout my love" and that in the email there is name, surname and phone number to be contacted in case of victory.

Friday, February 14, St. Mark's Square, from 19:00

For couples to scream their love!

"If I had to go to hell to kiss you, I would do it. So I can then boast with the devils that I have seen paradise without ever entering it. »Cit. William Shakespeare 

Love one another! Love whoever you want, how you want, where you want! It is in freedom that love reaches its maximum expression. Not in differences. Not in the constraints.

Long live love!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone ;-)