Places to visit in Venice: fondamenta delle Zattere, a walk between land and water

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There is a place with a beautiful view where people enjoy the sun in the first fine days in Spring. This is the  "Fondamenta delle Zattere”, in Dorsoduro.

A curious name that has its origin in the past, when the tree truncks from the closest mountains to Venice arrive with rafts (in Italian “zattere”) to the laguna, along the rivers.

The “Fondamenta” has a unique location. It overlooks the Giudecca and the treasures of this island, for exemple the church of “ The Santissimo Redentore”, designed by Andrea Palladio in 1557.

During your stay in Venice, an interesting and easy walk can start from Punta della Dogana where you can admire San Marco Basin from a special point of view.

Then you turn into the Fondamenta and find first the “Magazzini del Sale” (location of art exhibitions) and then the church of “Santa Maria del Rosario” (called “dei Gesuati”) with its ceiling decorated with Tiepolo's frescos.

Walking along the “Zattere”, change in direction for a while to see the famous Squero of San Trovaso where artisans make the traditional venetian boats. 

Then come to the Fondamenta again and enjoy the beautiful view, sitting on a bench!

Don't you feel a little hungry, now? Before returning to the “heart” of Venice have a break and have lunch or dinner at the Restaurant - Pizzeria “Oke” between S. Basilio and the “Stazione Marittima”. There are many seats inside and outside where, if the weather is fine, you can enjoy this unique location.

And after a bit of relaxation, a pizza or a pasta you are ready again to discover other beautiful places in Venice!