If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this city yet or you just want to escape from the smog of cars and enjoy a breathtaking landscape for only one day, what I suggest you to do is go to Venice during the event “Su e zo per i ponti”.

On this occasion every year about ten thousand people, tourists or not, pour into Venice to discover the beauties that, once again, the city suspended on the water has to supply.

Two walking tours throughout Venice

20181115114434su e zo piazza san marco.jpg

Do not worry if you are a novice walker, “Su e zo per i ponti” offers the opportunity to choose two types of routes: 12km or 6km, both with refreshment points and arrival in the beautiful Piazza San Marco. You will discover glimpse, calli and bridges that walking alone you would never be able to see.

An event with a social mission

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If you have never visited Venice during spring, or you have never participated in an event where the profit will be donated to charity this is your chance.