Today I am talking about Duna Verde, a town in the municipality of Caorle, which is located between Eraclea Mare and Porto Santa Margherita.

Ideal for a holiday, Duna Verde takes its name from its dunes, typical of the Upper Adriatic area that serve as a protective barrier between the waves of the sea and the emerged lands, and from the coastal pine forest. To preserve this natural beauty today, the responsible for protecting this area is l’Azienda Regionale delle Foreste .

This place, which in winter has just over a dozen inhabitants, has been awarded the FEE Blue Flag since 1992 as a European coast that meets the required parameters between the bathing waters and the services offered.

For the natural context in which it is immersed and for the animation that sets it apart as the open-air cinema, the beach and the illuminated cycle paths, Duna Verde is proud to guest thousands of tourists every year. Families of different nationalities come here to enjoy well-deserved days of relax and a few shopping trips to nearby shopping centres or to the town's weekly market.

Where to stay in Duna Verde, Caorle: Village San Francesco, a 5-star holiday


Easy to reach by car, train or plane, centro vacanze Villaggio San Francesco is located in Duna Verde, between the famous beaches of Caorle and Jesolo.

Covering a flat area of 320,000 square meters and having over 500 meters of private beach, we can lodge in:

  • Apartments;
  • Mobile home;
  • Sky room;
  • Tents, camper or caravan.

Once you have found the most suitable accommodation for everyone, all you have to do is enjoy all that this holiday centre has to offer:

  • Five fresh water pools;
  • The hydro-massage;
  • The fitness centre;
  • Good food in restaurants, pizzeria or self-service.

In addition to all this, the village has also thought of sports lovers and families who just can't stand still, in fact we can find soccer or tennis courts, water sports such as sailing and surfing, or mini-golf and mini-carts, games room and cinema.

So now, I just ask you: what are you waiting for? Even if it doesn't seem so, your summer is coming!