Venezia is unique for many reasons. One of this is the unusual way to describe parts of the city.

Streets in Venice are not “Vie”, as in the other Italian towns, but are called “calli”.

Be careful because you can also be on a “Riva” or “Fondamenta” if the road runs along a canal. Walking in Venice you could find, for example, “Riva de Biasio”, in Santa Croce or “Fondamenta dei Tolentini” near piazzale Roma.

A “Campo” in Venice is a square. Two of the most famous are “Campo S. Stefano”, that you can see going to S. Marco Square and “Campo S. Barnaba”, set of a famous scene of the movie “Indiana Jones”!

A little square is a “campiello”, for example you can find the“Campiello del Remer” near Rialto.

Did you see a “Rio terà”? This is a buried canal that now is walkable!

Furthermore, during your visit in Venice you will never meet a conventional road sign, but the painted “nizioleti ” that tell you the name of calli, campi, fondamenta, etc. Their name is a dialectal form and means “little bed linen” because they look like these.