Morning is for sightseeing... but what to do in Venice in the evening?

The typical tourist day: all the time going around visiting museums, art galleries, historical monuments and famous outdoor places. And what about night? After kilometres on foot walking up and down the bridges with the camera to capture every magic moment, you cannot do but have a warm shower and relax on the bed. But outside water goes on hitting little stairs near the “calli” and “fondamenta”, i.e. narrow streets and streets next to the canal. Here is the charm of a silent Venice, but at the same time full of laughing, chatting, so full of life. You have a double choice: walking in the streets, often dark, but caretaker of ancient secrets or tour around the characteristic Venetian “bacari”, similar to taverns or pubs. Every option will be great, you cannot be wrong!

Venice Walking tour trough bridges and narrow streets

During the night walking tour of Venice, first let the city carry you, from a curious “ruga”, i.e. a very narrow street, to a bridge which can lead you to a wonderful lunar landscape. Gurgling of canal and lonely boats going home will walk with you for the whole journey. If there is the full moon, walking will be even more romantic; the images will stay in the heart and in the mobile phone, of course. Residential areas are the most coveted, without tourists, so that it is possible to discover the real life of the island, the quietest and fabulous aspect, the most intimate. There is no ideal “sestiere”, similar to district or neighbourhood, every place can be suitable. It is better just to go away exuberance locals and numerous restaurants. Any advice? From Zattere you can admire Giudecca Island, which looks like a stand-alone world by night. It is a long enchanted strip, with dim lights emanated by warm and cozy houses.
Everywhere you may find out “campielli”, i.e. small squares with a small, unused well in the centre; artisan shops with exhibition of paintings and masks; symbols of noble household on the palaces’ walls and maybe you will reach the main entrance which, traditionally, overlooks the Grand Canal. So every corner will capture your attention and will urge questions about this marvellous city. Admiring the buildings and the boats, many people wonder about the building literally on water. Here everything is magic, even the atmosphere seems enchanted!


Walking around, you may arrive in some typical taverns, called “bacari”… but we should remember this is Venice, so it is special! Have a break, you may order Spritz and taste some “cicheti”. What are they? It is a simple but delicious invention: some ingredients above a piece of bread; the most typical are two: bread with creamed codfish and the other one is bread with spreadable cheese and salmon. But there are different choices, vegetarians can be satisfied, too! Spritz with Aperol is the most common, but you can choose also the classic “ombra”, that is a glass of wine, does not care if white or red. Fondamenta dei Ormesini, Fondamenta della Misericordia in Cannaregio and locals near Rialto are suitable places because you may have a lot of choices.

If you like dancing outdoor, the Silent Party is perfect for you; it takes place in Campo Santa Margherita, the heart of university life, and you only have to reserve your headphones, select the music and just dance.

Satisfied? Well, let’s go to San Marco square! Of course you have already visited it, but the effect by night is really different. All lights are on and the front of the church is almost completely enlightened… it is like watching a movie, but now you are the protagonists at the centre of the square. It is proper to sit down somewhere, better next to Florian or other historical locals, listening to live music.

Suggestive and enchanted is the view from Ponte dei Sospiri to San Giorgio Maggiore Island, through gondolas moved by the water. By the way, if you want to try something really unique, the advice is to take a gondola ride, through Sospiri Bridge, which connects Ducal Palace to the Prisons. Soft lights coming from houses’ and palaces’ windows help making the evening unforgettable.
Now it is time to dive into the bed and rest. Good night!