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The Venetianity is everything about Venice and the Venetians, the stories, the places and the flavours of this city and its people, the thousand events that have intertwined between streets and squares, the traditions, the historical feasts and the most awaited events by its citizens.

A true traveller who visits Venice is not content to visit only the classic places that everyone knows, a true traveller wants to experience Venice as a true Venetian and if you also belong to this category, before or during your stay in Venice, you will want to know which are the most beautiful streets , those preferred by the locals, the most beautiful Venetian palaces, the history of the city of Venice, the legends, the stories and myths, the works of art and places to admire them, but also the traditional recipes and Venetians's favourite dishes and how and where to eat them as a true Venetian.

From the streets, the most beloved little squares, to the thousand stories of the city, from the most awaited events to the most authentic traditions of the Venetian people, this is the place to discover them. Where Venetianity reigns supreme!