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Street Food in Venice

The street food in Venice: the culture of food in Venice comes from workers who at the end of the day went to the bacari (taverns) to have a snack to accompany a glass of wine, so the Venetian cuisine is full of recipes and dishes perfect to be eaten in the street.are you in Venice and you want to know where to eat the real Venetian Street Food? In Venice you can taste the cicchetti, dishes in small morsels to be consumed as an aperitif or a meal and accompany them to a good glass of wine or a spritz and feel like a true citizen of Venice. Venice boasts a wide variety of fritoini (fried food) where you can taste the scraps (the foil) of fried fish.

In Venice you can also enjoy schie (shrimps), masanete (crabs), seppioline, fried sardines or saor, or cod or snapper creamed, bovoi (sea snails), canoce (sea cicadas), tuna meatballs, scallops, eggs with anchovies. And then artichokes, meatballs, mini sandwiches with cold cuts, polenta and musetto (sausage), nervetti, tripe, sausages in sauce, fried vegetables: If you want to have a snack, Venice will be satisfied and if you want to know where to eat in the street you can consult our section for the best street food in Venice.