A step down: folk tradition that enrich your romantic wedding proposal

According to an ancient rumor, an engaged couple should never come to Venice.

Is that truly beautiful and unique je ne sais quoi that dazzles every couple not yet married?

Who knows. Beyond any superstition, this saying does not make any reference to the most unique and truly unforgettable wedding proposals that a loving heart can make here.

Let us show you 7 almost unknown locations where one can make, receive, and why not, dream, the perfect wedding proposal in Venice.

And superstition? Once you'll see the beauty of those 7 spots, you can just fall in love with every piece of it.

7. The Bridge of Sighs, for a spectacular wedding proposal

Yes, at the beginning of this article we said that we would have shown you the most romantic and almost unknown places in Venice.

However, we thought that we couldn't have started in any place but here. Ask it to anyone, Venetian or tourist: the view of the Bridge of Sighs can't leave anyone indifferent.

You can see it once, twice, multiple times, or even everyday: the Bridge of Sighs will always move everyone's heart.

You could possibly object that it's not a truly romantic place and that it has a gloomy past instead.

We'll assure you that standing on the steps of Ponte della Canonica or Ponte della Paglia, maybe during a reddish sunset on San Marco Basin, your Venetian marriage proposal will be unforgettable. And among the swarm of passers-by, more than one sighed "I do", will raise. 

6. Outside the tourist routes: Fondamenta della Misericordia, Cannaregio

Next time you'll come to Venice, whether for your romantic marriage proposal or not, just go outside the railway station and follow the crowd of Strada Nuova.

At a certain point, however, leave all the people behind and take your beloved one towards the Jewish Ghetto and, a little farther on, towards the Fondamenta della Misericordia.

From the Synagogue to the Chiesa della Misericordia, you'll discover along the way a more authentic Venice.

Places where you can walk peacefully during the day, when the lapping of the waves and your footsteps on the ground will be the only sounds you'll hear.

And then, when the sun is about to go down, that very road will come to a new life: restaurants, bars and taverns will make that place lively till dawn.

You'll just have to choose the perfect moment for your authentic Venetian wedding proposal.

5. Zattere, for a proposal in one of the most ancient places in Venice

Dorsoduro is one of the less visited Sestieri during a visit to Venice. Slightly far from the most popular tourist routes, Dorsoduro is a place for Venetians, now just a few, and hundreds of students.

Getting lost in the streets of Dorsoduro ("calli" in Venetian dialect), you'll reach Fondamenta delle Zattere, where an astonishing panorama of the lagoon and Giudecca Island is waiting for you to see.

From San Basilio to Punta della Dogana, you'll walk in a Venice made up of students and commuters, in a never ending coming and going of boats and waterbuses ("vaporetti" in Venetian).

Sit on the banks of the lagoon with your legs dangling: the world will seem to stop for you and for your unforgettable moment of love.

4. Wedding proposal among the nature of Venice: i Giardini della Biennale

Venezia is greener than you think. However, most of the gardens are secret places hidden between the walls of great noble palaces.

Beyond the crowded Saint Mark's Square and its Doge's Palace, there's a great green area, close to Riva degli Schiavoni. It's called Napoleonic Gardens or Giardini della Biennale, in other words the Venetian public garden.

Those nineteenth century gardens, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, are scattered by statues. Also, among the trees, you'll see the Pavillions of the Biennale.

Not so many people visit them: just Venetians and some tourists in search of refreshment during summer. It's not unusual being able to reserve a little portion of this green oasis all alone, while San Marco and San Giorgio are towering in the background.

In case you want to go further, push yourselves as far as Sant'Elena, the extreme portion of the Sestiere of Castello. Over there, you'll see nobody and you could enjoy a unique peaceful moment, lulled by the wind.

We couldn't have found a better spot for your romantic moment, couldn't we?

But we just save the best for a great finale. 

3. Burano Island, among colors and laces

The beautiful island of Burano is just a 45 minutes ride from San Marco: and the experience is really worth living.

Once arrived,  you'll walk among artisan laboratories where hardworking people make the true masterpiece of Burano come to life: laces ("merletti", in Venetian).

Also, you'll see the beautiful and bright colored houses of Burano and it will be only a matter of time that you'll find the perfect spot for your romantic marriage proposal in Venice.

It's beyond any doubt you'll fall in love with the island and its colored houses: a postcard which seems to have come out from a fairytale.

And while you are breathing and smelling the sea air, your other half could not say anything but "I do".

2. The romantic charm of Torcello island

The very first settlement of Venice, dating back to the Roman ages, was found here, on the island of Torcello.

Far from the splendor of Serenissima, it's a lovely, small island, reachable from Burano. Just a few people still live here, making the tourists feel an atmosphere of the past.

One of the most picturesque spots is of course Ponte del Diavolo (literally, the Bridge of Devil).

Among archaeological excavations and marvelous churches, your wedding proposal will be truly memorable.

And now, shall we unveil our number one?

1. The island of San Giorgio: a proposal full of history and romance

Having traveled the length and breadth of Venice, looking for the perfect place for your romantic marriage proposal, we finally decided to stop here.

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore is the perfect synthesis of our trip. On one side, the magnificent homonymous Basilica, with a Palladian facade; on the other, the view of San Marco and the Doge's Palace reflected on the lagoon.

The gaze is lost to infinity, and runs from Punta della Dogana to the end, towards Sant'Elena.

This place, rich in history and art like few others in the world, can only be the perfect location to start the story of your marriage in the most romantic way possible.

And superstition? Tell us the truth: were you still thinking about that?