Venice becomes an open-air theatre for an edition under the banner of free expression and creativity. From 4 to 21 February 2023, the Venice Carnival returns, spread across the city's campi, squares, calli and streets, with the Arsenale still the protagonist of a great scenographic spectacle on water and the return of the parades of masked floats on the mainland and islands.

The 2023 edition marks the return, after a three-year interruption, of the great traditional events including the parades of floats, the Marie procession and the Venetian Festival on water. 

The theme of this edition is inspired by the symbols of earth, water, fire and air and the signs of the zodiac; an edition that once again sees the signature of Artistic Director and set designer of the Teatro La Fenice Massimo Checchetto.

Let's discover together all the events of the Venice Carnival 2023!

Venice Carnival 2023: Take your Time for the Original Signs

'Take your Time for the Original Signs' is the title of the Venice Carnival 2023. From 4 to 21 February, calli and campi, streets and squares will once again resound with music and performances for a Carnival spread throughout the city, from the islands to the mainland. 

For about twenty days, Venice becomes an open-air theatre and a diffuse and ideal scenario where every language and artistic form is admitted. An edition that once again sees the signature of La Fenice Theatre Artistic Director and set designer Massimo Checchetto.

For Carnival 2023, the great events of tradition return:

  • The 'Venetian Feast' in the rio di Cannaregio on Saturday evening and the water parade on the Grand Canal on Sunday morning;
  • The Marie procession;
  • The parades of allegorical floats throughout the city, from the islands of the lagoon - Lido, Pellestrina and Burano - to the mainland - Campalto, Mestre, Zelarino and Marghera.

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Opening Parade

On Saturday 4 February they will kick off the celebrations of Carnival 2023 with the Opening Parade on the Grand Canal at 8 p.m.

The Opening Parade will stage all the symbols of the carnival tradition, thanks to artists, colours, plays of light and music brought together in a great floating performance that will parade along the Grand Canal, in a festive and ancestral atmosphere. 

The following day, Sunday 5 February, it will be the turn of the traditional procession of typical local boats, organised in collaboration with the Coordinamento Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta (Venetian Rowing Association Coordination) and captained by the legendary 'Pantegana'.

Original Signs: the night show in the Arsenale

After the success of the 2022 edition, the Arsenal is once again the protagonist of an extraordinary and exciting water show.

'Original Signs' is the title of the show made of imaginative visions, lights, technique and sensitivity, which will offer 30 minutes of pure magic twice a day. A parade of strong visual and artistic impact, a mythical place where artists from the most diverse disciplines will be able to tell their signs.

Original Signs will be an extraordinary performance of dance, music and spectacle created especially for the Venice Carnival 2023.

The shows will be on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February and from Thursday 16 to Tuesday 21 February, with two daily performances at 6.30 pm and 9 pm.

For further information and to purchase tickets visit the official website.

The Marie procession

On Saturday 11 February, the 12 Marie of Carnival 2023 will be presented to the public. The selection will take place on 3 February, and contestants aged between 18 and 28 from the Metropolitan City of Venice will be able to participate.

The 12 Marys will parade dressed in historical costumes on board gondolas along the Grand Canal to reach St Mark's Square, where they will be welcomed and presented to the public. 

On Shrove Monday, at the Sale Apollinee of the Teatro La Fenice, the proclamation of the winners of the competition will be held, as usual: the Maria of the Year and the Maria de Il Gazzettino, the latter selected by the readers of the newspaper.

On Tuesday 21st February the winning Maria will be presented in Piazza San Marco.