For thousands of people around the world, Venice is the quintessential romantic city, the perfect destination to spend the most incredible luxury holidays. And how could it be otherwise?

The sweet atmosphere that you can breathe strolling around the calli (streets) in the evening, or the lapping of the waves enjoyable from an elegant hotel balcony overlooking the Grand Canale. Or, even more, an aperitif languidly sipped in one of its historical bacari.

Venice perfectly embodies this way of life and creates different and incredible luxury experiences that will make you do anything to take a train and come here.

Well, not only a train. One of the best experiences you can have in Venice, the first one we will talk about in this article, is done by another means of transport. Would you like a hint? Venice is the most beautiful fish

To make your stay a real luxury, rely on the Venice Pass, a single pass that gives you access to the main transport services in the metropolitan city of Venice, including entrance to the main tourist attractions and a large number of restaurants and wine bars at a competitive price, saving a great deal on the public prices of the same services.

5. Flying over Venice, or how to begin a luxurious holiday you'll never forget

Arriving in Venice is a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you arrive by train or by car, crossing the bridge that links the city to the mainland is a moment that leaves everyone breathless.

It has to have something to do with promise: the promise of beauty that remains hidden till the moment Venice decides to show herself to the visitor.

Getting there by plane is another incredible moment. It's a unique experience the very moment the plane flies gently over the city. You will see the true shape of Venice: an elegant fish diving in the blue sea.

However, the truly unrepeatable luxury experience to have in Venice is to fly over the city by helicopter: simply breath-taking. Generally you take off from Venice Lido and, for a moment that seems at the same time too short and endless, you'll seem to hold the city in the palm of your hand.

The promise of beauty you have experienced at your arrival there will be revealed, among Venetian clouds.

4. A Coffee with a View, please! A timeless experiences in San Marco

"A Coffee with a View", but in Venice and, more precisely, in San Marco Square.

The most famous, and unique, Venetian square offers an unmissable luxurious experience. Sipping an espresso, drinking an aperitif or even dining in one of the elegant cafes overlooking the square: these are all experiences for a few.

Here you can drink your tea while sinking into the sofa of one of the most ancient European café or having your romantic meal with your partner while listening to a live violin concert.

The square is all covered by coffee tables by spring and they are never too crowded because, like we said, it's an experience for a few.

And the view? Not only the amazing Basilica with its Campanile, but also the elegant Procuratie, the three connected buildings alongside the perimeter of the square, which finally, after 500 years, are now open to visit!

A relaxing moment to have with the view of the most elegant European square.

3. Luxury holidays inside Venice noble palaces: Venetian masked balls

Once a year, during Carnival, beautiful photos of Venetian masks go around the world. Rich, sumptuous, evoking the atmosphere of yesteryear.

Nevertheless, the true luxurious experience one can have during a Venetian holiday, is not outdoor, among the calli, but in the secret of the noble palaces.

Hidden from view of the passers-by, Venice conceals a treasure of parties, galas and events. These are the most exclusive galas of the world where participants can have a lifetime experience, wearing the most sumptuous costumes ever seen, and dancing with the Doges again.

The most exquisite luxury will be treasured forever inside the attendees' minds.

2. Gondola ride for a timeless Venetian experience, with some more tips

Gondola rides instantly make Venice. Undoubtedly, those vessels are the most renowned symbols of Venice.

Nevertheless, the experiences are not all the same. Cruising around the channels can be something that goes beyond the simple luxury holiday in Venice.

Flower arrangements, aperitif on board and musical accompaniment while you are relaxing by the water, sitting on an elegant sofa: everything makes the experience timeless.

And, maybe, the moment while you are passing below the Bridge of Sighs is the perfect timing for your wedding proposal...

1. The most luxurious experience in Venice: New Year's Eve Concert in La Fenice

We have already reached the top of our luxurious ranking. Any experience in Venice, even the shortest, cannot end without having seen the famous Gran Teatro La Fenice, the main opera house in the city.

When you organize the event we are going to talk about soon, your luxury holidays in Venice will begin well before the moment of arrival: the race for tickets, in fact, opens many months in advance of the grandiose event.

And it couldn't be otherwise: attending the New Year's Concert at La Fenice is a real privilege. Organized every year since 2004, it has never been skipped, not even in the years of the pandemic.

And for those unable to attend, a small taste is still available by tuning into the Rai channels.

In any case, seeing the New Year's Concert, even more than a luxury event, is an honor that every Venetian would like to grant himself once in a lifetime.

And if arriving in Venice is certainly something unforgettable, perhaps even leaving on board the most luxurious train is the best way to say goodbye.

And let it not be a goodbye forever, but just see you soon.