It is absolutely a delicate moment for Europe and the world that are facing a serious health crisis and it is very important for us Italians (but not only) to be cohesive and cooperate by staying at home. 

Venice is currently a city wrapped in a surreal, empty, silent climate. Equally wonderful, but it is like a painting in a museum, which you can admire from afar without touching it!

So let's try to bring Venice to your home!

The Italian art and culture system is taking a break but giving great space to all their technological and digital resources: virtual tours, online catalogues, digital exhibitions and images of high definition works. In short, culture stops but the great beauty of our country continues to exist and resist.  

All the digital initiatives of the Museums of Venice

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The digital proposals of the museums and places of culture in Venice do not stop there. They put all the available resources online in order not to leave their audience. 

Let's make ourselves comfortable then, sit on the sofa and continue to dream, explore and admire the beautiful city of Venice. 

Let's also connect to the social profiles of Venetian museums and collections that will always be active and full of news, networking and never leaving users alone.

Extremely active is the great contemporary art collection of the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation of Venice which is exhibited and presented on the web. Through the various social channels it will be possible to attend virtual presentations, in-depth analysis and artistic quizzes. A very interesting focus on the temporary exhibition "Migranting Objects" will also be proposed several times in the coming weeks.

All the civic museums of Venice can also be visited on the Internet through the Google Art & Culture platform, which allows virtual tours, insights on the works and incredible online exhibitions.

So you can totally immerse yourself, discover the exhibitions and initiatives of the network of civic museums of Venice, twelve places of knowledge all for you: Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr, Palazzo Fortuny, Museo di Storia Natuale, Museo del Vetro, Ca' Pesaro, Ca' Rezzonico and many others will have no secrets for you and you can continue to follow them from the official website and social channels. 

Also the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice offer the possibility to admire your collection without moving from your home. An opportunity to learn more about the works of the great masters of the Venetian Renaissance such as Titian, Giorgione or Lorenzo Lotto. The high resolution images will be able to transport you on a great journey through Venetian painting. 

Also worth mentioning is the website of the M9 Museum, the technological and multimedia museum dedicated to the twentieth century, with a historical and ethno-anthropological slant, a small pearl located in Mestre in the municipality of Venice.

For those who want to deal with the immediacy of the webcam, I recommend this site where you can observe and discover the fascinating views of the Venetian lagoon, its bridges, its architecture up to the famous Piazza San Marco.

We cannot take you to Venice right now, we cannot lead you to its wonders, to its many museums, but we can bring the city with its spectacular peculiarities and works to your home!

Culture, art and beauty will continue to be there, fighting for us and for an increasingly free and fair world. Waiting to crowd the squares again and embrace the people we love, we network together with culture. We work together but above all we