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Venice is one of the most famous and appreciated tourist destinations in the world, every year millions of visitors crowd the streets to visit an inimitable city. In addition to the monuments, landscapes and architectural beauties, Venice is also known for the Carnival festival which takes place annually in the Venetian capital and which every year attracts more than 70 thousand curious tourists, some of whom indulge in disrespectful gestures. of carelessness and vandalism.

Carnival is coming, the celebrations will begin next Saturday 8 February and will continue until Tuesday 25, and in this regard we have decided to draw up a list of useful tips that will allow visitors to better enjoy the event with the utmost respect for Venetian citizens and the delicate city.

Don't bring plastic confetti

Waste management in Venice is a very complex and difficult to manage issue, tourists make the problem even more serious if they do not respect the minimum standards established by common sense. Carnival is synonymous with celebrations, confetti and therefore non-degradable plastic. It is a duty to commit oneself not to throw waste in the waters of the canals that cross the city so as not to pollute the animals and landscapes of the lagoon. This year the Carnival will be green e plastic free: a municipal ordinance signed by the mayor Luigi Brugnaro, has banned any type of plastic confetti or other similar products such as streamers and confetti shoppers.

Take alternative routes

On Carnival days it is easy to get lost in the crowd and let yourself be carried by a stream that walks very slowly through the most well-known streets. Taking alternative routes longer roads may prove to be the best choice for getting through the city faster and not arriving late for free events.  In addition, during the journey you must always respect the right to not hinder the movement of those who do not participate in the events and those who work.

Attention to precious participants' costume

Much of the charm of the Venice Carnival is due to the custom of wearing eighteenth-century masks and costumes that recall the origins of the festival. Taken by the euphoria of the moment, you don't have to annoy the costumed participants or you risk ruining beautiful clothes that are sometimes very expensive. Be nice and careful.

Don't bring vintage weapons

During the 2019 edition, a group of tourists was denounced by the police because they went around with real vintage sabers that were part of their Prussian soldiers costumes. It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons or objects capable of abusively offending, even if they are part of a historical custom, the danger is around the corner and the fines are high.

Don't write on the walls and monuments

Carnival is a colorful festival, but it should not be understood in a literal sense. Coloring, painting, smearing the walls and marbles of the monuments of Venice means insulting the centuries of history and beauty that belong not only to the Venetians, but are a world heritage site. It is strictly forbidden to outrage in any way monuments and buildings in the city: it is a sign of incivility and lack of education and respect! 

Don't drink too much so as not to inconvenience

Venice is also known for its bacari, small typical taverns where you can taste the "cicchetti" while sipping good wine between the calli. During the Carnival it is easy to get carried away by the celebrations with friends and drink a few too many glasses. Our recommendation is to have fun responsibly and not drink too much to avoid making gestures that you can regret, like taking a dip in the Grand Canal,  which is strictly forbidden. As it is forbidden to make noise during the night: the calluses are very narrow, screams and inappropriate behavior can cause great disturbance to the quiet of the Venetians.

Respect the queue

During the Venice Carnival long queues are created to access the services of the city, the toilets, transport and inside the historical buildings, numerous controls are also organized by the police to ensure the safety of all participants in the party. We recommend to always respect the queue and not to be smart to avoid creating unpleasant misunderstandings and ruining someone's party.