After the long winter months, the Easter holidays are finally here and a great way to relax and enjoy the first warm days of the year could be to spend a few days in the lagoon city of Venice.

Visiting Venice during spring is a unique opportunity to make the most of as the city will not be as crowded as during other festivities, such as Carnival, and it will therefore be possible to visit it at leisure.

Venice offers a dream holiday at any time of year and at Easter weekend the mild climate will allow you to visit all the most beautiful parts of the city, including the islands. So, shall we set off?

Moving around in Venice during the Easter holidays

As you know, cars do not exist in Venice. To reach all the most beautiful corners of the city you either travel by land on foot or by water with the vaporetti.

If you want to visit Venice at its best and also reach all the other islands in the lagoon, it is best to opt for a transport pass to save money and reach Venice's best-loved attractions without hindrance.

What's more, the magic of a vaporetto trip along the Grand Canal cannot be explained in words. Taking line 1, bound for the Lido, you can watch all the marvellous palaces overlooking the Grand Canal as well as the Doge's Palace and St Mark's Bell Tower rise from St Mark's Basin. 

Visit Venice gives you the opportunity, thanks to the Venice Pass, to access the main transport services of the metropolitan city of Venice with a single season ticket, including entrances to the main tourist attractions and to a large number of restaurants and wine bars at a competitive price, saving a great deal on the public prices of the same services.

So if you are thinking of spending the Easter holidays in Venice, the Venice Pass is the solution for you to experience the city at its best.

Things to see in Venice during the Easter holidays

If this is your first time in Venice, you cannot miss all the museums in St Mark's Square, from the world-famous Doge's Palace to the opulent halls of the Correr Museum. Thanks to the Venice Pass, mentioned above, you will have free access to all the museums in the Marciana area: the Doge's Palace, the Correr Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and the Monumental Rooms of the Marciana National Library.

With the Venice Pass you will also have access to other Venetian museums, such as Ca' Rezzonico, the museum of the Venetian 18th century, discover all the attractions included in the pass!

Taking advantage of the good weather, you can visit all the islands in the lagoon: Burano, Murano and Torcello. Book a tour between the Venetian islands to observe the artisans working the glass, explore the lace shops and pose in front of the colourful fishermen's houses.

Things to eat in Venice during the Easter holidays

During your Easter holidays in Venice, you absolutely must try the typical sweets of this holiday: fugassa and bussolai.

At Easter, they eat fugassa in Venice. The recipe is similar to that of the Easter dove from which it differs in its panettone shape. Traditionally, fugassa was prepared by less well-off families and enriched with little.

Bussolai, on the other hand, are traditional Venetian biscuits, particularly typical of the island of Burano. They were simple doughnuts once prepared by wives to accompany fishermen's voyages. 

Today they mostly have a typical S shape; the name, however, derives from the Venetian 'busa', meaning hole, as they were originally circular with a hole in the centre. They are very simple, but extremely tasty.